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Date: 2017-12-05

Be Annoyed by Weak WiFi Signal? Here is the Solution

During daily use of iPhone 6, you may encounter the problem that the WiFi will be disconnected if your 
phone is a little bit far away from the wireless router, and comparing with the normal iPhone, the WiFi 
hotspots are less. Weak WiFi signal is caused by many reasons. Here BizBee experienced technicians 
suggest you two solutions which are easily overlooked to solve the problem.

1. Taking down the mainboard and switching the multimeter to buzzer gear to check the circuit between WiFi 
antenna and mainboard, it is normal. 

2. Removing the WiFi antenna and check the circuit between WiFi connector and mainboard, the connector 
uat-metr is slightly fall off.

3. Taking down the connector uat-metr and soldering tin with the soldering iron, then test the WiFi signal, 
it will return to normal.

1. For iPhone 6 which has replaced the back housing, check the circuits between WiFi antenna & connector 
and mainboard, they are normal.

2. Soldering tin on the WiFi antenna with the soldering iron to make the antenna and housing fully connect, 
then test the WiFi signal, it will return to normal.

The above solutions can not solve all the WiFi problems, and meanwhile there are other reasons cause 
weak WiFi signal. If you have any other mainboard repair problems, please contact and BizBee will help 
you to solve them.
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