How to Disassemble/Tear Down iPhone 6S?
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How to Disassemble iPhone 6S?

How to Disassemble/Tips:
1. Power off the iPhone 6S and remove the SIM card tray with en eject pin tool.

2. Undo the 2 charging port screws with a Pentalobe screwdriver.

3. Pop up the LCD assembly by lifting up a gap with a suction cup tool and insert the case opening tool in between, running around the edges to release the LCD assembly.

4. Undo the 4 screws to release the metal protection cover and then gently lift up the flex ribbon connectors to release the whole iPhone 6S LCD assembly. Be careful, there's adhesive underneath.

5. Undo the 3 screws to release the metal bracket covering the earpiece.

6. Remove the earpiece and 
front camera with sensor.

7. Undo the 8 screws and pry up the adhesives to release the 
metal LCD back plate.

8. Undo the 2 screws, then pry up the metal bracket, the home button flex connector and adhesive to release the 
home button assembly.

Now replace the broken 
iPhone 6S screen with a new one in reverse order.


● The iPhone 6S LCD screen and digitizer assembly with frame does not come with all small parts includes: front facing camera, ear speaker, metal bracket, home button assembly. During the repair,you have to transfer all these parts to the brand new iPhone 6S LCD screen and digitizer assembly.

● If installed properly, the iPhone 6S LCD screen and digitizer assembly with frame won’t affect the function of the finger print scanner.

● This item does contain the 3D touch panel,which you don’t need to disassemble the original one from the screen assembly.

● This item is only compatible with iPhone 6S screen assembly with frame
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